1. Safety Measures:

  • All participants must wear life jackets or personal flotation devices (PFDs) at all times during the competition.
  • Participants should be briefed about basic safety procedures, including how to respond to emergencies or capsizing.

2. Raft Construction:

  • Rafts should be constructed primarily from bamboo and other natural materials.
  • Rafts must meet specific size and design requirements to ensure stability and safety [refer to diagram].

3. Team Composition:

  • Teams should consist of a predetermined number of members. 4 Team Members for Bamboo Rafting and 2 for Kayak category.
  • All team members must stay on the raft throughout the race, except in cases of emergencies.

4. Course Design:

  • The competition course should be well-defined and may include various challenges, such as navigating through obstacles, rapids, or other natural elements.
  • The length and difficulty of the course should be appropriate for the skill level of the participants.

5. Starting and Finishing Line:

  • The starting and finishing points should be clearly marked to avoid confusion.
  • Rafts should line up according to their designated starting positions.

6. Timekeeping:

  • Timing system will be in place and winners will be based on the result. Judges decision are final.

7. Sportsmanship and Behavior:

  • All participants and teams are expected to display good sportsmanship and respect for fellow competitors, event staff, and the environment.
  • Any unsportsmanlike behavior may result in penalties or disqualification.

8. Penalties:

  • 30 minutes will be deducted from the total time if the team is found to violate any rules and regulations. In more severe cases, the team may be disqualified.

9. Environmental Conservation:

  • Participants must adhere to strict environmental guidelines to prevent damage to the natural habitat.
  • Littering or any form of pollution during the competition will result in penalties.

10. Emergency Response:

  • Adequate medical personnel and emergency response teams should be on standby throughout the competition.
  • Plans for dealing with accidents, capsizing, or other emergencies should be in place and communicated to all participants.